If you fall in love with Rinchelling, one of the factors will definitely be the rooms. The two suites, six deluxe and 20 standard rooms and two apartments have taken the status of Rinchelling to greater heights. Blending Bhutanese architecture with modern settings, all the rooms are symbols of comfort and beauty. Wood panelled walls, traditional and modern heating systems, and closets constructed with imported materials promises you comfort beyond your imagination. And all these comes at very affordable rates; Nu 2,000 to Nu 6,000. Further, you can avail room service at any time.

We believe in the flexibility of our clients and understand that sticking to time is not always possible. Thus, we do not impose check-in and check-out time. You can come and leave anytime of the day.

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Uncompromising comfort of the highest standard at unbelievable rates – It’s Rinchenling   

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